Styling the Ashbury Take 3: Work to networking event

In this post, I’d like to share how changing some small pieces of an outfit, you can sort of keep wearing the same things and no one knows any better. I imagine this coming in rather handy when one is travelling – either for work or for pleasure. (I for one get a bit antsy that I wear the same pieces on a holiday because I look like I’ve not changed at all in holiday snapshots. Beach holiday aside, I try to bring pieces I can mix and match)

In this styling, I’ve kept to most of the pieces from yesterday’s, swapping only the bag and the shirt.

A crisp white shirt (with French cuffs if you will) is my favourite piece in my wardrobe. I make it a point to try and incorporate a white shirt into my work outfit at least once a week. It’s fresh, it goes with everything and it’s extremely smart. If it was a shirt requiring cuff links, I usually pick a pair of cuff links to suit the events of the day. One of my most memorable networking events was wearing a pair of cuff links made from Scrabble tiles. I picked my initials and I’m pretty sure they left an impression with the people I spoke with that evening. True enough, 2 years down the road, at another similar event of the same industry, one of the guys remembered me from my cuff links. See, says who fashion isn’t functional AND  practical?



As before, I’m relying on the red necklace from the Rubi collection worn over the shirt to give the entire outfit a pop of colour. I’ve decided to swap the classic YSL ChYc clutch for the Alexander McQueen studded clutch. This piece is also another conversation-starter piece that will come in very handy to you during networking functions.

I remember travelling with this to Singapore and KL (and Ipoh, after) for #KBBW. Because it was such a fragile piece, I hand carried it in its soft dust bag. When my carryon (trusty battered Longchamp that has seen the world) was scanned, I was pulled aside at Changi flying in to KL.

“Miss, can you please open your bag out for me?” (I’ve been “miss”-ed! I hadn’t been a “miss” in years!)

Sure thing, what would you like to see?”

“This *pointing to the McQueen dust bag* please. What is it?”

Oh! That! It’s a bag, let me show you!” I undid the drawstring, pulled the bag out, opened it to show him it was empty and handed it over to be examined.

“OK. Thank you. I must say I’ve never seen a bag like that before. Thank you miss!” (I’ve been “miss”-ed again! I love this customs officer!)

So, there you have it. A styling piece that can take you from work to a networking event. Again, I’ve raided my wardrobe for existing pieces to show you that the pieces from Ashbury can work with whatever you already have.

What’s your take on this?


Styling the Popbasic Ashbury: From Day to Night

Some might say I’m the UX Evangelist. Some might even call me an Agile addict. There’s a little bit of truth in both statements. I’m extremely passionate about both subjects. I live, breathe and dream UX, usability, agile and intranets. I’m extremely fortunate that I’m paid to do something I’m so passionate about. I also believe UX is a calling.

But, this post is not about my nerdy passions. It’s about how I can inject a little bit of my other passions namely fashion, into work.

So, a little about my daily work life. I’m usually at my desk by 745am. It’s the quiet moments in the mornings that allow me to catch up on reading, planning and strategizing – big and small plans. I call those my plotting moments. Plotting for the evil, plotting for the good – simply plotting. At about 930am when the rest of the motley crew turns up, armed with a coffee, we head to the Agile wall for a 10-min catchup. We shuffle cards along, we bring up issues and roadblocks and we pick up cards we can work on for the day. By lunch, we should be able to provide some updates on our cards. Not necessarily a catchup but more on scribbled notes on the cards – shuffling them along if necessary.

Throughout the day, I make multiple trips back to the wall. Sometimes to help me plan my time better. Others to see if anyone needs my help should I have some free time. That’s the beauty of an Agile-run project.

So, despite my work, I’m on my feet quite a fair bit. The 10-minute catchup is done standing up – deliberately to ensure it’s uncomfortable enough we get rid of mindless small talk and get the meeting out of the way in 10minutes. I always try and wear my comfortable shoes to work for these reasons.

And that really is the basis of this styling. The central piece to this (besides the Ashbury piece) is really a comfortable pair of shoes. I picked my most favourite pair of nude heels that are leg-lengthening and part of the 24:7 collection from Jimmy Choo – the Agnes. Its comfortable 3.5-inch heel makes it easy to trot about at work as well. ashbury 2


I picked the blueberry silk blouse from the Sunday collection as a top. Not only is it the most perfect piece to complement the dark colours in this styling, it’s smart enough to go from day to night. The Ashbury leather skirt adds a bit of an interesting twist because hey, says who leather is only meant for Fridays? For accessories, I picked the red Rubi necklace worn over the shirt for a pop of colour. The red contrasts the blueberry nicely without being too out-there for a work outfit. And, finally I pulled out the Yves Saint Laurent ChYc clutch.

Not many accessories have been added to this outfit because basically anything goes. I’m thinking my pink Arty ring to go with the colour palette as well.

The little pieces of accessories make this outfit fun enough to head straight out for drinks and dinner with the girls. To amp things up a little, I could always swap my signature pearl studs to a pair of chandelier earrings. Those never fail to glam it up for an evening out.

Food for thought: Black woollen tights with nude pumps in winter: fashion forward or fashion faux pas?

Styling the PopBasic Ashbury: Take 1

The idea to PopBasic is that you own these staple pieces to build your wardrobe.

I’ve been brought up with the mantra of buying what you can mix and match. It not only makes travelling easier, it makes planning your outfits a lot more fun as well. Buying an expensive dress all of a sudden is justifiable because you can wear it every week, styled differently and no one is the wiser. Cost per wear takes a dip. Well, at least that’s what I tell myself when I see yet another DVF dress that I MUST own.

It’s no surprise that I am absolutely in love with PopBasic and what it believes in.

The next collection to be released will comprise of a black tank, a leather skirt and a necklace – all of which I’ll post in the next few days to come. This very first styling is something I would wear on a casual weekend out. In fact, I raked my brains to pull out items already in my wardrobe to get this to work. So, all of these items bar the black tank and necklace are from my existing wardrobe.

I practically live in jeans on weekends so it’s only natural that I’ve pulled out my most favourite (so favourite I own both in the identical cut and colour) jeans by JBrand. They’re ankle jeans and they fit my midget height perfectly. I picked a dark wash because you can’t go wrong in them.

Ever since I’ve taken the plunge into the world of interchangeable buckles and leather straps of H belt kits, I’ve felt my outfits seem a lot more pulled-together with a belt. Yes, the H belt kits are crazily-extravagant but the idea is to use a belt that will help add touches to the outfit. I deliberately picked the gold H buckle as well because I’ve always loved contrasting coloured hardware. I’m also adding a little bit of rock chic to the outfit by strapping on the Collier de Chien in the classic Hermes orange with gold hardware. See what I mean by contrasting coloured hardware? The pop of colour also adds a little bit of interest to an otherwise typical Melburnian (read: black) outfit.

I chose the Jypsiere that I can wear crossbody to leave my hands free should I need to have my hands full tasting wine and sampling cheeses. The palladium hardware goes with the silver of the necklace and contrasts with the gold from the belt buckle and CDC bracelet. And, finally, comfortable flats should I need to be on my feet for hours. I picked my black patent Varinas by Ferragamo. They are by far some of the most comfortable flats I’ve ever had the pleasure to own.

The beauty of this outfit is that it is perfect for transseasonal weather Melbourne seems to be going through. Shrug into a woollen cardigan when the temperature dips and add a colourful silk scarf if it dips further and layer a blazer over if it dips even more. The possibilities are absolutely endless!

Stay tuned for the next styling where the outfit will take you from day-to-night. I’ve built it with my work and lifestyle in mind but to be honest, it will work on practically anyone!

ashbury 1

What’s in my purse?

What’s a sticky beak post without another sticky beak post to follow it up with? Thankfully, Xin thinks my harebrained scheme was not that big of a harebrained one. So, this time, collaborating Xin, here’s a peek into the rabbit hole of my purse.

Because my 2-year old Labrador is likelier to be better at Photoshop than I am, I’m just going to stick this image up as-is and go through the items by row.


My purse is a trusty, battered but still looks good as new from Dior in a deep aubergine patent. The story of me buying this was quite a funny one. I was in the city one day for errands after work and while taking out my equally battered (then) Country Road purse, the zip broke and my hard yank poured all the contents onto the ground. You know, all the $5 cash that I had in there and all. Like I needed an excuse to buy a wallet, eh? So, off I trotted to Dior. Patent was a clear choice because it can withstand the daily bashing a regular purse would be succumbed to. (What? Am I the only one who bashes the purse around?) The deep aubergine is able to withstand dirt, dust and grime and has a more interesting twist compared to black. The purse also has enough of card slots to keep the card-maniac in me happy.

So, from the left row, top to bottom:

  • Crabtree &Evelyn Privilege Card
  • Priceline clubcard
  • Mecca Cosmetica loyalty card
  • Safeway (Woolworths my arse) everyday rewards
  • Hop & Scotch doggy day care pass for Coco. It’s about $400 for 5 regular day care sessions + 5 premium day care sessions (trips to the park) If you live out in the Eastern suburbs and own a pooch, I highly-recommend Hop & Scotch. They’ve been fantastic and they adore dogs. Tell them Mummy of Coco sent you!
  • $32 in cash! That’s a far cry from my usual $2 or $5. I hate carrying cash around. Hate. Loath.

Middle row, top to bottom:

  • nab debit card (with Visa paywave)
  • nab ATM card – I have no idea why I still carry both around. They’re both linked. I only need one. Doh.
  • HSBC credit card – with points and no annual fee for life. Trust me, it’s extremely rare to be able to get both for Australian credit cards
  • nab credit card – I’m not sure if I’ve ever used it. It came linked with my everyday transactional account I’ve held with nab ever since I was a student here forever ago.
  • Citibank rewards signature card – with points and also no annual fee for life. I was lucky to snag the deal when I saw it. Worked out well for me with a lot of privileges.
  • Starcard for the diesel-guzzling vehicle I own. I’m kidding. The vehicle is possibly the best for mileage.
  • Westfield gift card. Was a birthday gift from my team last year. I still have a little bit of balance left
  • Country Road & Trenery loyalty card

Third row, top to bottom:

  • Priority Pass – gives me access to quite a few priority lounges in airports all over the world
  • HCF private insurance card
  • Oscar Oscar salon privilege card – gives me some nice discounts when I visit the hair magicians – Jacky & Nathan
  • Driver License. Oh the horror of trying to obtain a Victorian license.  Rumour has it Victoria has the strictest road laws in the country. Just my luck, eh?
  • City council library card. Until they’ve figured out loaning e-books, I’m going to stick to errr, not going😀
  • Ikea family card for free coffee. Don’t. Just. Don’t.
  • SIA Krisflyer card
  • Myer One loyalty card
  • 2x name cards from work for networking events. 6  years working here, I’d finally succumbed to the pressure of getting these dastardly items printed. And you know what? They got the address wrong. *facepalm*
  • T2 loyalty card.

Final row, top to bottom:

  • Panty liners. Yes. They’re in my purse – tucked away in a clean corner
  • Armani fragrance card
  • KFC wet wipes to wipe away lipstick swatches when going on swatch-frenzy at cosmetic counters
  • Stamp booklet that was released by Australia Post many years ago. It was the working dog series and I’ve just bought it without any intention of ever using them. Dogs. They’re the best. Evar.

Right, so, off you go now. Shoo. Hop and scoot over to Xin’s to stick beak into her purse! Shoo!

I sticky beak, you sticky beak, we all sticky beak

When Paris B mentioned that pigs were flying in the sky because she actually switched her bags, I exclaimed “HALLE-FREAKING-LUJAH!” I couldn’t recall the last time she switched her bags and was most keen to find out what was inside. And when she decided she would actually do a post on this, I unashamedly tagged along as well because, well, it’s fun!

Coincidentally, as I’m penning this post, I saw that the previous sticky beak post on what’s in my bag was the highest read this week. I guess, deep down, we’re all sticky beaks eh? Well, don’t worry, if you don’t tell, I won’t!

So, the bag of choice this week is the Miss Dior in geranium. Ahh, this bag holds a lot of sweet memories for me. My SA rang me in excitement that the bag in MY COLOUR had arrived and I MUST go and see it. I decided she should actually send me pictures of the bag before I make the trip out. After seeing the pictures, I knew there and then that I.MUST.HAVE.THE.BAG. Do note this bag is of the Galliano-era and it’s got his signature cannage style. I’ve watched with anticipation of Raf Simons’ work after Galliano and realised Simons’ style is much more mine than Galliano’s. I’ve yet, though, to purchase one of Simons’. I will, one day.

miss dior

This design is by no means seasonal, the colour is. I believe it was one of the SS12/13 releases though I could be wrong. It’s an extremely rare piece and I trusted my gut instinct to go with it. The instinct has paid off. I really do think it is because of this bag that I’ve yet to feel the need for the iconic Chanel classic flap. Again, one day. Just not yet because well, my needs for a flap bag is well-satisfied by this little geranium princess.

It’s an extremely structured bag with multiple compartments. This makes fitting items in quite a challenge – a little like playing Tetris. There’s a little tiny pouch holding keys to the lock which is more for aesthetic than functional reasons because I’ve yet to figure out how it works. The charms are also a little different from the regular massive ‘D’ – they seemed to have shrunken by many times but it works very well with the overall design of the bag. As with most structured bags, it is a little on the heavy side. The palladium hardware adds to the weight too and I was glad to have picked the smaller size.

The Miss Dior is truly a day-to-night bag. The shorter chain strap version is a little more elegant compared to its longer strap counterpart (yes, it comes in a longer strap too for a more casual look but unlike the classic flap, the strap is non-adjustable). I’ve tried tucking the straps into the bag itself and using the bag as a clutch but it’s not a very good look.

So, on to what I carried in this bag!

Because of how structured it is, I’m extremely limited by what I can and cannot carry. I actually have to pull out the cards I usually use and transfer them to a card holder instead.



  • Samsung Galaxy Note 2 mobile phone – fits into the front interior compartment
  • Tom Ford pressed powder
  • Dior name card holder to hold cards as well as some cash. Like $10. (I’ll blog about this nifty little thing one day. It’s also got a contrasting grey interior that’s oh-so-pretty. And functional!)
  • Le Metier de Beaute Hydra Creme lipstick in Maraschino, Carmex lip balm and Bliss hand cream
  • Travel hair brush
  • Hello Kitty Tissue holder
  • Tiffany jewelry pouch to hold my rings when I work my hand cream in
  • Powerpod + cable
  • Zip lock bag containing a hair tie, hair pins, a mini tampon, single use eye drops, panty liner and a safety pin.

There you have it, you would have seen a lot of these from the previous post where I was using a more casual bag. The Miss Dior has a more formal or elegant spin, if you will and it goes very well with the outfits I’ve planned for the week.

PS-Geranium is an extremely difficult colour to capture and I have -5 amount of patience to deal with pictures and the camera. So, you’ll just have to take my word that it’s a bright pink that packs a punch. Especially against my typical all-black Melburnian outfits!

Glasshouse Candles: Why I’m a fan for life

Ever since Tine got me hooked onto Glasshouse Candles, I really can’t bear the thought of having no candles at home. Beer. Wine. Instant noodles. Coffee. Candles. All these must be at home when I return home from work. If I didn’t have to walk Coco, the routine will be:

1. Leave keys in the basket, remove shoes while saying hello to Coco – asking how her day went. I’m sure her day was terrible without me around.
2. On the way into the hallway, immediately pick a candle and light it.
3. Drop bag off in the wardrobe and remove all jewelry.
4. Return to satisfy the demands of belly rubs and chin tickles while trying not to get bowled over by a 35kg bundle of muscle.
5. Have a glass of wine or crack open a bottle of beer. Resume belly rubs.

You can see in that routine how high in the list lighting a candle sits. It ranks even higher than wine or beer. (And if you know me, you’d know how important those are to me)

A little while ago, I purchased one of my favourites from Glasshouse – Manhattan Little Black Dress. Now, I can go on and on about the wonders of the candle – the scent, the use of natural soy wax and the use of cotton wick. Not to mention, when the candle is used up, the jar looks lovely on my bathroom counter filled with cotton squares or cotton buds.


But, what made me a Glasshouse fan for life was how they treated their customers.

While using the Manhattan, I found some irregularities with how it was burning. I immediately contacted Glasshouse via their website. The communications ensued was nothing short of top notch and amazing. I sent through some images as requested to assist with the investigation. After a day or two, I was also asked if I could package the candle up securely for their courier to pick up and brought back to Sydney for further testing and investigation. I was also provided with a replacement candle there and then. But of course, drama had to follow me. Glasshouse had mistakenly sent me a small jar of the candle while I had actually returned a large one. They’ve also very thoughtfully sent a bar of the Manhattan soap to me as a way of apologising.

Truth be told, I had internal debates all day long – I didn’t want to be seen as an ingrate but I do miss the larger Manhattan which I absolutely adore. I penned a very polite email and received a response almost immediately. They were mortified and embarrassed by the mistake and went ahead to rectify it by posting the larger candle out to me. I was assured that it was the right thing to do to raise it up and was told to enjoy the smaller Manhattan as well.


I’m at a point of life where I shop not only for a physical product, I expect some level of service to accompany the product. Good candles are a dime a dozen if I were to shop from overseas. But I doubt I’d get the level of service that I received from Glasshouse.

It was professional, warm and friendly. Instead of blame-shifting, they took it upon themselves to investigate the issue. Australian retailers have a lot to learn from them (rather than whinge we shop overseas!)

And yes, one might argue these candles are expensive. And a waste because you don’t get anything out of it. Anything tangible, at least. And likened to something too rude and crass to be mentioned here. Well, I’m of the opinion that one can’t put a price tag to sanity and de-stressing. Nothing helps me relax more than my favourite scent wafting through my home and the warm light emanating from the jar turning my little place cosy and homey.

I also understand that candles, especially expensive (designer?) ones are not for everyone. Just like expensive makeup. Or expensive makeup brushes. Or a brand new DSLR. Or a silk scarf that’s half a grand. But that’s what makes the world such a maddeningly-interesting place! We’re all different!

I’ve long believed scents are such an important part of our lives but unfortunately, it’s so tragically disregarded by many. Being passionate about perfumes, my foray into the world of good scented candles was really a natural progression.

But, really, don’t take my word for it. Try a small, high-quality candle and see if it helps you feel better. If it does, welcome to the wonderful world of comforting home scents. If it doesn’t, well, I’m sure there’s something out for you! Don’t try it because you simply can afford it and you want to keep up with the Joneses. You’re not doing a high quality product any justice nor respect.

Now, have a read about what my 2 other candle enablers have posted!
Paris B of My Women Stuff
Tine of Beautyholics Anonymous

PS-I’ve been so impressed by Glasshouse that I’ve still kept their notes!


50 random things

Like Tine, the 50 random things is extremely fascinating. Here’s mine for you to peek into my very warped mind.

1. I’m allergic to shellfish. Thankfully, I can have a little mussels and some oysters. To very limited amount.
2. I can hold my alcohol well. I’ve been tipsy but never been drunk to puke my guts out nor get a hangover. I love my wines, beers and fine cocktails and I’m thankful I live in the perfect city to sample all that.
3. I love cartoons. They allow me to escape from this wretched world into the perfect innocent world.
4. I’m extremely antsy around kids. When others’ ovaries ping when they see a baby, my senses go on hyper alert for projectile vomit or other bodily fluids it’s capable of projecting. And then I’d run. Or hide. Most likely both.
5. I’ve once had 2 simultaneous face-to-face conversation before on very odd topics. Topic 1 was debating the merits of writing a certain Java class in a certain method (har! Har! Sorry, lame Java joke. No, not sorry). Topic 2 was debating if Louis Vuitton’s ready-to-wear would falter with Marc Jacobs’ departure. It was fun using both sides of the brain at the same time.
6. I don’t hide my emotions. What you see is what you get. I can be tactful if I choose to but I’m honest with who I’m with. I don’t have multiple faces for the different people I’m with.
7. I make friends rather easily and I’m extremely loyal to them. This has resulted in me being hurt a lot of times. Age has taught me to be wiser.
8. I’m extremely bad-tempered, foul-mouthed and cranky. Despite this, I have a set of loyal cheerleaders spanning across the globe. I’m pretty certain I don’t deserve them but they seem to think otherwise so I’m doing my best not to mess this up.
9. I don’t believe blood is thicker than water. When push comes to shove, I know who I can and cannot depend on.
10. When I retire, I plan to be a dog trainer or a bar tender or a barista. Maybe all 3.
11. I love doing things with my hands. I can knit extremely well until carpal tunnel got the better of me. I’ve salvaged the Xbox from the dreaded RROD a couple of times. I’m ready to admit defeat the third time and allow him (yes, it’s a he) to die a peaceful death and meet his maker in Xbox heaven (or hell?)
12. I have extremely tiny wrists and ankles despite a generously-proportioned rear end.
13. I hate driving and having a fun car makes it a little less painful. When I need to think or calm down, I enjoy long drives out into the country with no traffic. The wide open spaces helps put things into perspective and my favourite route is down the Calder where I get a choice of either Castlemaine or Bendigo or even Daylesford.
14. A new found love of mine is flipping a steak on the baby Weber with a glass of wine in my hand, music and a curious Labrador sniffing for scraps at my feet.
15. I am capable of eating as much as the guys. It’s a miracle I’ve not ballooned up to size 50. As age is catching up, I’m slowing down on the amount and getting a lot pickier to save my rear end.
16. I can only write codes or do any code-related work with punk or rock music in my ears. I’m currently hooked on classics like Bon Jovi, Greenday and My Chemical Romance.
17. My one regret is not catching My Chemical Romance when they played live in Melbourne. They are now no more. I vow to watch Greenday and City and Colour while they are still going strong.
18. I’m extremely critical of myself and hold myself to the highest standards. This has resulted in some rather unhealthy life decisions. I’ve learnt to take it slow.
19. I’ve been told over and over again I need to trust my hunch and instincts. I’m slowly learning to do so.
20. I believe money can buy happiness. Anyone who refutes that, I’d ask you to give me all your money and watch me be happy.
21. I have an inexplicable hatred towards real estate agents. Most of them are worse than the scum of the pond.
22. My dream bag was once the Hermes Kelly. I have recently found out I have the means and ways of acquiring one. I checked my bank account and realized now that it’s all possible, I don’t quite yearn for it anymore. I need to get my head examined.
23. I don’t eat bananas. They’re squishy and icky.
24. I dislike and disagree with many of the Asian upbringing methods and have no desires to put another human being through it.
25. My final year in uni was one of the best times of my life. I made lifelong friends. In fact, we joked that our lab possibly churned out the first millionaire. (Did you buy the snappycam?)
26. I’m allergic to cats. Which works out well because I’m a dog person.
27. I can outrun my Labrador. Given she’s a working dog, you would have thought she’s a lot more energetic than me. Well, think again.
28. An intelligent and witty man trumps a Ken doll lookalike.
29. Injustice in any form makes my blood boil. I get even more mad when I can’t do anything to change things.
30. I’m extremely judgmental on misbehaving kids in public. I’ve called out on parents numerous times.
31. I would in fact fight for the rights of animals over humans because humans would always save themselves somehow.
32. I love politics even though the politicians despair me. I think Gillard was good and now we’re stuck with this Abbott goon.
33. I can’t operate the sewing machine to save my life. I’d love to learn.
34. When I was a kid,I refused to follow the instruction booklets that come with Lego sets. I preferred to build things my way. If you want to make me happy, get me the funkiest Lego technic you can find.
35. I have a notebook on my nightstand to jot down Eureka moments solving problems or issues at work.
36. I hate getting my picture taken. I’m an expert at pulling a stupid face when posing for the camera.
37. Quitting Facebook was the best social media detox I’d ever done. I highly recommend it.
38. I can’t sleep without at least a sheet to snuggle into. Needless to say, I dislike summers.
39. I hate cooking.
40. I’m a hoarder. But when I get my binges to clean, I’m ruthless.
41. I love jazz. Low lights. A cheese and fruit platter. Accompanying wine. Me and the music.
42. I love reading and was a voracious reader when I was a kid. I’ve stopped now because the authors I used to love write what feels like junk food of books. I’m on the hunt for authors to captivate me for hours.
43. I’m the master of procrastinator. I’d probably be the world’s best procrastinator if I could find someone to beat procrastinating at but that would make him the winner(?). Mind asplodes yet?
44. I dislike Chinese New Year and the blatant greed it represents.
45. Everyone has mother-in-law horror stories right? Mine’s a saint and makes me all my favourite cookies each times visit.
46. When I like a song, I put it on repeat for days and weeks. My friends have named that action after me.
47. I’m known as magpie to some friends – always drawn to shiny things in display windows.
48. I don’t wear t-shirts. The only ones I wear are from Threadless.
49. I can clip my own LAN cables but if I can do everything wireless, I would.
49. The best compliment I’ve ever received: You’re the perfect girly-girl but you can kick most of the boys’ asses in boring nerd shit.
50. I believe chocolate is a food group of its own.
51. I’m also a rebel, refusing to conform to rules, hence there are 51 items.