Favourite 5 Beauty Items

When the opportunity was presented to me to collaborate with a group of beauty bloggers, to be honest, I was very apprehensive. Not only am I only a half-baked beauty blogger (sporadic posts, hello?), I’m seriously running low on thinking time. But, when I heard about this topic, I really had to! I mean, how hard is it to pick only 5 favourite beauty products?

Here’s mine:

1. Paul and Joe loose powder in 01
The caseis absolutely adorable and have a peek inside, the powder puff dispenses just the perfect amount of powder. I toss the sifter away because it’s more trouble than it’s worth. I use this almost everyday to set my concealer. And on days where I can’t be bothered at all with ANY makeup, I dust this loosely over my skin and it’s sort of acceptable that I can step out without scaring any strangers.

2. Dior Diorskin Nude Skin Perfecting Hydrating Concealer in 01
To be honest, I don’t find it hydrating at all but it works pretty well as a concealer for my under eyes as well as any bad spots I might have. Set with my favourite loose powder, it lasts almost the entire day.

3. Benefit Dandelion
I think I’ve completely used up about 5 boxes of this blusher. Each time I stray away to using other blush and return, I always ask myself,”Why did I stray away from Dandelion?!” It’s my perfect blush for my very pale skin. I buff this on the apples of my cheeks and have a loose dusting of this on my forehead and nose for a perky glow. I love how awake and alive this makes me look. It’s my Holy Grail of all blushes. If Benefit ever decides to discontinue this, I will buy 10 of this and hope this lasts me my entire lifetime.

4. Australis Voluptulash mascara
This cheapie can be found in almost any drugstore in Australia. It volumnizes, lengthens, curls and most importantly, its tubing formula means no smudging for at least 10 hours. At the 11th hour (ahem!), I notice tiny flecks but, really, after 11 hours, the tiny bits of flecks is excusable. It was a little clumpy but the small workaround would be to blot it before applying. Works a treat!

5. Carmex Moisture Plus lipbalm
By some miracle, this lipbalm landed in my hands. I love how smooth it is and its tapered tip fits my lips perfectly. I don’t really use lipbalms much but winter is approaching and I have the heater on most of the time – no matter how much water I inhale, I still get dry skin and lips. This does the trick perfectly.

So, there you have it. The 5 items I’d place in a beauty box. Nothing too exciting but I’d hope some girl who receives this would love these items as much as I would.

And, have a read of what the rest of the beauty bloggers have to say!

14 thoughts on “Favourite 5 Beauty Items

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  6. I bought the Dior concealer recently and its fast risen up to my top 3 favourite concealers! Love that you included that! I haven’t tried the P&J powder and I might pass on the lip balm but I love your box😀

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    • There’s always strawberrynet😉 I got mine in HK when I visited a couple of years ago. Bee got me the refill pack. I was going to pick some up when I visited Malaysia a few months ago but they’ve pulled out by then. I’ll have to resort to Strawberrynet

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