7/31: Smashbox Be Legendary in Mandarin

Despite my love for bright vibrant lips, this is really only the second coral-ish lipstick I own.

I was in Kit Cosmetics in Chadstone one day and this makeup artist had on the most brilliant coral lipstick. I’ve also a horrible habit of stopping strangers in public and complimenting them on their lipstick (and then finding out exactly what shade of lipstick it was) .

The makeup artist kindly sat me down on a chair and explained it to me. Then, she offered to apply it for me to try.


Despite looking rather glossy, this lipstick is far from it. It applies rather matte and unfortunately, it’s one of those lipsticks that is extremely drying. I typically brush my toothbrush over my lips every morning and if I were to use this lipstick, I slather on a thick layer of Carmex lipbalm prior. Even then, I find my lips flaking towards mid-morningšŸ˜¦



It really is a shame because the colour is a beautiful one. It’s a muted corally-red which leans a little on the warm side. It’s not the most flattering colour on my skin but I can just about get away with it. Girls with warmer skin tones will look gorgeous with this colour.


So, if you really MUST have this colour, I would say prep your lips beforehand and don’t wear it for long hours. I would usually swap over to a tinted lipbalm by lunch time to give my lips a break from this Sahara Desert-like lipstick.

Tube Here’s what I think of yesterday’s gorgeous tinted lipbalm!


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