50 random things

Like Tine, the 50 random things is extremely fascinating. Here’s mine for you to peek into my very warped mind.

1. I’m allergic to shellfish. Thankfully, I can have a little mussels and some oysters. To very limited amount.
2. I can hold my alcohol well. I’ve been tipsy but never been drunk to puke my guts out nor get a hangover. I love my wines, beers and fine cocktails and I’m thankful I live in the perfect city to sample all that.
3. I love cartoons. They allow me to escape from this wretched world into the perfect innocent world.
4. I’m extremely antsy around kids. When others’ ovaries ping when they see a baby, my senses go on hyper alert for projectile vomit or other bodily fluids it’s capable of projecting. And then I’d run. Or hide. Most likely both.
5. I’ve once had 2 simultaneous face-to-face conversation before on very odd topics. Topic 1 was debating the merits of writing a certain Java class in a certain method (har! Har! Sorry, lame Java joke. No, not sorry). Topic 2 was debating if Louis Vuitton’s ready-to-wear would falter with Marc Jacobs’ departure. It was fun using both sides of the brain at the same time.
6. I don’t hide my emotions. What you see is what you get. I can be tactful if I choose to but I’m honest with who I’m with. I don’t have multiple faces for the different people I’m with.
7. I make friends rather easily and I’m extremely loyal to them. This has resulted in me being hurt a lot of times. Age has taught me to be wiser.
8. I’m extremely bad-tempered, foul-mouthed and cranky. Despite this, I have a set of loyal cheerleaders spanning across the globe. I’m pretty certain I don’t deserve them but they seem to think otherwise so I’m doing my best not to mess this up.
9. I don’t believe blood is thicker than water. When push comes to shove, I know who I can and cannot depend on.
10. When I retire, I plan to be a dog trainer or a bar tender or a barista. Maybe all 3.
11. I love doing things with my hands. I can knit extremely well until carpal tunnel got the better of me. I’ve salvaged the Xbox from the dreaded RROD a couple of times. I’m ready to admit defeat the third time and allow him (yes, it’s a he) to die a peaceful death and meet his maker in Xbox heaven (or hell?)
12. I have extremely tiny wrists and ankles despite a generously-proportioned rear end.
13. I hate driving and having a fun car makes it a little less painful. When I need to think or calm down, I enjoy long drives out into the country with no traffic. The wide open spaces helps put things into perspective and my favourite route is down the Calder where I get a choice of either Castlemaine or Bendigo or even Daylesford.
14. A new found love of mine is flipping a steak on the baby Weber with a glass of wine in my hand, music and a curious Labrador sniffing for scraps at my feet.
15. I am capable of eating as much as the guys. It’s a miracle I’ve not ballooned up to size 50. As age is catching up, I’m slowing down on the amount and getting a lot pickier to save my rear end.
16. I can only write codes or do any code-related work with punk or rock music in my ears. I’m currently hooked on classics like Bon Jovi, Greenday and My Chemical Romance.
17. My one regret is not catching My Chemical Romance when they played live in Melbourne. They are now no more. I vow to watch Greenday and City and Colour while they are still going strong.
18. I’m extremely critical of myself and hold myself to the highest standards. This has resulted in some rather unhealthy life decisions. I’ve learnt to take it slow.
19. I’ve been told over and over again I need to trust my hunch and instincts. I’m slowly learning to do so.
20. I believe money can buy happiness. Anyone who refutes that, I’d ask you to give me all your money and watch me be happy.
21. I have an inexplicable hatred towards real estate agents. Most of them are worse than the scum of the pond.
22. My dream bag was once the Hermes Kelly. I have recently found out I have the means and ways of acquiring one. I checked my bank account and realized now that it’s all possible, I don’t quite yearn for it anymore. I need to get my head examined.
23. I don’t eat bananas. They’re squishy and icky.
24. I dislike and disagree with many of the Asian upbringing methods and have no desires to put another human being through it.
25. My final year in uni was one of the best times of my life. I made lifelong friends. In fact, we joked that our lab possibly churned out the first millionaire. (Did you buy the snappycam?)
26. I’m allergic to cats. Which works out well because I’m a dog person.
27. I can outrun my Labrador. Given she’s a working dog, you would have thought she’s a lot more energetic than me. Well, think again.
28. An intelligent and witty man trumps a Ken doll lookalike.
29. Injustice in any form makes my blood boil. I get even more mad when I can’t do anything to change things.
30. I’m extremely judgmental on misbehaving kids in public. I’ve called out on parents numerous times.
31. I would in fact fight for the rights of animals over humans because humans would always save themselves somehow.
32. I love politics even though the politicians despair me. I think Gillard was good and now we’re stuck with this Abbott goon.
33. I can’t operate the sewing machine to save my life. I’d love to learn.
34. When I was a kid,I refused to follow the instruction booklets that come with Lego sets. I preferred to build things my way. If you want to make me happy, get me the funkiest Lego technic you can find.
35. I have a notebook on my nightstand to jot down Eureka moments solving problems or issues at work.
36. I hate getting my picture taken. I’m an expert at pulling a stupid face when posing for the camera.
37. Quitting Facebook was the best social media detox I’d ever done. I highly recommend it.
38. I can’t sleep without at least a sheet to snuggle into. Needless to say, I dislike summers.
39. I hate cooking.
40. I’m a hoarder. But when I get my binges to clean, I’m ruthless.
41. I love jazz. Low lights. A cheese and fruit platter. Accompanying wine. Me and the music.
42. I love reading and was a voracious reader when I was a kid. I’ve stopped now because the authors I used to love write what feels like junk food of books. I’m on the hunt for authors to captivate me for hours.
43. I’m the master of procrastinator. I’d probably be the world’s best procrastinator if I could find someone to beat procrastinating at but that would make him the winner(?). Mind asplodes yet?
44. I dislike Chinese New Year and the blatant greed it represents.
45. Everyone has mother-in-law horror stories right? Mine’s a saint and makes me all my favourite cookies each times visit.
46. When I like a song, I put it on repeat for days and weeks. My friends have named that action after me.
47. I’m known as magpie to some friends – always drawn to shiny things in display windows.
48. I don’t wear t-shirts. The only ones I wear are from Threadless.
49. I can clip my own LAN cables but if I can do everything wireless, I would.
49. The best compliment I’ve ever received: You’re the perfect girly-girl but you can kick most of the boys’ asses in boring nerd shit.
50. I believe chocolate is a food group of its own.
51. I’m also a rebel, refusing to conform to rules, hence there are 51 items.

3 thoughts on “50 random things

  1. Loved reading this. Big fan of Lego too!

    PS: Come to me for mother in law horror stories. I have enough to beat those Hong Kong drama series.😉

  2. Haha loved reading your 51 random things. As I told Tine, I can’t find 50 so I’m not doing this. Besides, I don’t like to conform either and will be even less likely to do this now that it’s going around😛

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