Glasshouse Candles: Why I’m a fan for life

Ever since Tine got me hooked onto Glasshouse Candles, I really can’t bear the thought of having no candles at home. Beer. Wine. Instant noodles. Coffee. Candles. All these must be at home when I return home from work. If I didn’t have to walk Coco, the routine will be:

1. Leave keys in the basket, remove shoes while saying hello to Coco – asking how her day went. I’m sure her day was terrible without me around.
2. On the way into the hallway, immediately pick a candle and light it.
3. Drop bag off in the wardrobe and remove all jewelry.
4. Return to satisfy the demands of belly rubs and chin tickles while trying not to get bowled over by a 35kg bundle of muscle.
5. Have a glass of wine or crack open a bottle of beer. Resume belly rubs.

You can see in that routine how high in the list lighting a candle sits. It ranks even higher than wine or beer. (And if you know me, you’d know how important those are to me)

A little while ago, I purchased one of my favourites from Glasshouse – Manhattan Little Black Dress. Now, I can go on and on about the wonders of the candle – the scent, the use of natural soy wax and the use of cotton wick. Not to mention, when the candle is used up, the jar looks lovely on my bathroom counter filled with cotton squares or cotton buds.


But, what made me a Glasshouse fan for life was how they treated their customers.

While using the Manhattan, I found some irregularities with how it was burning. I immediately contacted Glasshouse via their website. The communications ensued was nothing short of top notch and amazing. I sent through some images as requested to assist with the investigation. After a day or two, I was also asked if I could package the candle up securely for their courier to pick up and brought back to Sydney for further testing and investigation. I was also provided with a replacement candle there and then. But of course, drama had to follow me. Glasshouse had mistakenly sent me a small jar of the candle while I had actually returned a large one. They’ve also very thoughtfully sent a bar of the Manhattan soap to me as a way of apologising.

Truth be told, I had internal debates all day long – I didn’t want to be seen as an ingrate but I do miss the larger Manhattan which I absolutely adore. I penned a very polite email and received a response almost immediately. They were mortified and embarrassed by the mistake and went ahead to rectify it by posting the larger candle out to me. I was assured that it was the right thing to do to raise it up and was told to enjoy the smaller Manhattan as well.


I’m at a point of life where I shop not only for a physical product, I expect some level of service to accompany the product. Good candles are a dime a dozen if I were to shop from overseas. But I doubt I’d get the level of service that I received from Glasshouse.

It was professional, warm and friendly. Instead of blame-shifting, they took it upon themselves to investigate the issue. Australian retailers have a lot to learn from them (rather than whinge we shop overseas!)

And yes, one might argue these candles are expensive. And a waste because you don’t get anything out of it. Anything tangible, at least. And likened to something too rude and crass to be mentioned here. Well, I’m of the opinion that one can’t put a price tag to sanity and de-stressing. Nothing helps me relax more than my favourite scent wafting through my home and the warm light emanating from the jar turning my little place cosy and homey.

I also understand that candles, especially expensive (designer?) ones are not for everyone. Just like expensive makeup. Or expensive makeup brushes. Or a brand new DSLR. Or a silk scarf that’s half a grand. But that’s what makes the world such a maddeningly-interesting place! We’re all different!

I’ve long believed scents are such an important part of our lives but unfortunately, it’s so tragically disregarded by many. Being passionate about perfumes, my foray into the world of good scented candles was really a natural progression.

But, really, don’t take my word for it. Try a small, high-quality candle and see if it helps you feel better. If it does, welcome to the wonderful world of comforting home scents. If it doesn’t, well, I’m sure there’s something out for you! Don’t try it because you simply can afford it and you want to keep up with the Joneses. You’re not doing a high quality product any justice nor respect.

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PS-I’ve been so impressed by Glasshouse that I’ve still kept their notes!


4 thoughts on “Glasshouse Candles: Why I’m a fan for life

  1. I adore Glasshouse candles. I can’t remember when it was I bought my very first one but I know it was the Amalfi Coast because years later till today, it’s still the only candle I repurchase from them in the miniature and large sizes. The double wick allows you to burn the candle evenly and to be honest, after the first 2-3 rounds of 3-4 hours burning, once the wax has, what I’d call, settle down, you only need to burn it for an hour or max 1.5 hours before you get that even burning and the room is enveloped with fragrance. My last Amalfi Coast took me a whopping 6 months to finish. Of course, I don’t burn it every day but with once a week, it lasted at least that long. Plus you can’t deny it looks damn good on any surface as a decorative item.

    I absolutely adore that Dyptique candle you got me but to tell you the truth, Glasshouse kicks Dyptique’s behind. Hands down.

    PS: Next round, try Jaye Neimi from David Jones. Gorgeous scents.

  2. Oooh, I’ve heard of Glasshouse candles and must add this to my to-get list when I move. The customer service sounds really top notch. I agree that people should never get expensive candles just to keep up with others because that is just silly. There are so many more affordable alternatives out there if you really wanna light a candle.

  3. Hi there,
    I am Jassie.I do make soy candles,with fragrance and non-fragrance too.It is interesting to note that in Singapore,this is not a well-known niche to work with.Nevertheless,i feel the importance of relaxation in the people here nowadays and am planning on investing in a part-time candle-making business and hosting candle parties in the future.I have not created an official website as of yet since i have just given birth.I will love to keep in touch with you.


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