I sticky beak, you sticky beak, we all sticky beak

When Paris B mentioned that pigs were flying in the sky because she actually switched her bags, I exclaimed “HALLE-FREAKING-LUJAH!” I couldn’t recall the last time she switched her bags and was most keen to find out what was inside. And when she decided she would actually do a post on this, I unashamedly tagged along as well because, well, it’s fun!

Coincidentally, as I’m penning this post, I saw that the previous sticky beak post on what’s in my bag was the highest read this week. I guess, deep down, we’re all sticky beaks eh? Well, don’t worry, if you don’t tell, I won’t!

So, the bag of choice this week is the Miss Dior in geranium. Ahh, this bag holds a lot of sweet memories for me. My SA rang me in excitement that the bag in MY COLOUR had arrived and I MUST go and see it. I decided she should actually send me pictures of the bag before I make the trip out. After seeing the pictures, I knew there and then that I.MUST.HAVE.THE.BAG. Do note this bag is of the Galliano-era and it’s got his signature cannage style. I’ve watched with anticipation of Raf Simons’ work after Galliano and realised Simons’ style is much more mine than Galliano’s. I’ve yet, though, to purchase one of Simons’. I will, one day.

miss dior

This design is by no means seasonal, the colour is. I believe it was one of the SS12/13 releases though I could be wrong. It’s an extremely rare piece and I trusted my gut instinct to go with it. The instinct has paid off. I really do think it is because of this bag that I’ve yet to feel the need for the iconic Chanel classic flap. Again, one day. Just not yet because well, my needs for a flap bag is well-satisfied by this little geranium princess.

It’s an extremely structured bag with multiple compartments. This makes fitting items in quite a challenge – a little like playing Tetris. There’s a little tiny pouch holding keys to the lock which is more for aesthetic than functional reasons because I’ve yet to figure out how it works. The charms are also a little different from the regular massive ‘D’ – they seemed to have shrunken by many times but it works very well with the overall design of the bag. As with most structured bags, it is a little on the heavy side. The palladium hardware adds to the weight too and I was glad to have picked the smaller size.

The Miss Dior is truly a day-to-night bag. The shorter chain strap version is a little more elegant compared to its longer strap counterpart (yes, it comes in a longer strap too for a more casual look but unlike the classic flap, the strap is non-adjustable). I’ve tried tucking the straps into the bag itself and using the bag as a clutch but it’s not a very good look.

So, on to what I carried in this bag!

Because of how structured it is, I’m extremely limited by what I can and cannot carry. I actually have to pull out the cards I usually use and transfer them to a card holder instead.



  • Samsung Galaxy Note 2 mobile phone – fits into the front interior compartment
  • Tom Ford pressed powder
  • Dior name card holder to hold cards as well as some cash. Like $10. (I’ll blog about this nifty little thing one day. It’s also got a contrasting grey interior that’s oh-so-pretty. And functional!)
  • Le Metier de Beaute Hydra Creme lipstick in Maraschino, Carmex lip balm and Bliss hand cream
  • Travel hair brush
  • Hello Kitty Tissue holder
  • Tiffany jewelry pouch to hold my rings when I work my hand cream in
  • Powerpod + cable
  • Zip lock bag containing a hair tie, hair pins, a mini tampon, single use eye drops, panty liner and a safety pin.

There you have it, you would have seen a lot of these from the previous post where I was using a more casual bag. The Miss Dior has a more formal or elegant spin, if you will and it goes very well with the outfits I’ve planned for the week.

PS-Geranium is an extremely difficult colour to capture and I have -5 amount of patience to deal with pictures and the camera. So, you’ll just have to take my word that it’s a bright pink that packs a punch. Especially against my typical all-black Melburnian outfits!

3 thoughts on “I sticky beak, you sticky beak, we all sticky beak

  1. Haha thanks for doing the post too! I love your bag and I especially love that you used a small bag in a counterpoint to my large daily one!😀 It still amazes me you fit so much in there. I shall have to look at my smaller bags again. Not every day necessitates a gigantic sack

  2. i LOVE the color!!! totally also the kind of color that i’d pick at first, second, third and forever sight! i have quite a couple of small bags so i know the game of tetris! since i am using a huge bag now, er hem, i have to fish my car keys most of the time! and always have the paranoia of losing my phone since i can’t see it in the bag.

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