What’s in my purse?

What’s a sticky beak post without another sticky beak post to follow it up with? Thankfully, Xin thinks my harebrained scheme was not that big of a harebrained one. So, this time, collaborating Xin, here’s a peek into the rabbit hole of my purse.

Because my 2-year old Labrador is likelier to be better at Photoshop than I am, I’m just going to stick this image up as-is and go through the items by row.


My purse is a trusty, battered but still looks good as new from Dior in a deep aubergine patent. The story of me buying this was quite a funny one. I was in the city one day for errands after work and while taking out my equally battered (then) Country Road purse, the zip broke and my hard yank poured all the contents onto the ground. You know, all the $5 cash that I had in there and all. Like I needed an excuse to buy a wallet, eh? So, off I trotted to Dior. Patent was a clear choice because it can withstand the daily bashing a regular purse would be succumbed to. (What? Am I the only one who bashes the purse around?) The deep aubergine is able to withstand dirt, dust and grime and has a more interesting twist compared to black. The purse also has enough of card slots to keep the card-maniac in me happy.

So, from the left row, top to bottom:

  • Crabtree &Evelyn Privilege Card
  • Priceline clubcard
  • Mecca Cosmetica loyalty card
  • Safeway (Woolworths my arse) everyday rewards
  • Hop & Scotch doggy day care pass for Coco. It’s about $400 for 5 regular day care sessions + 5 premium day care sessions (trips to the park) If you live out in the Eastern suburbs and own a pooch, I highly-recommend Hop & Scotch. They’ve been fantastic and they adore dogs. Tell them Mummy of Coco sent you!
  • $32 in cash! That’s a far cry from my usual $2 or $5. I hate carrying cash around. Hate. Loath.

Middle row, top to bottom:

  • nab debit card (with Visa paywave)
  • nab ATM card – I have no idea why I still carry both around. They’re both linked. I only need one. Doh.
  • HSBC credit card – with points and no annual fee for life. Trust me, it’s extremely rare to be able to get both for Australian credit cards
  • nab credit card – I’m not sure if I’ve ever used it. It came linked with my everyday transactional account I’ve held with nab ever since I was a student here forever ago.
  • Citibank rewards signature card – with points and also no annual fee for life. I was lucky to snag the deal when I saw it. Worked out well for me with a lot of privileges.
  • Starcard for the diesel-guzzling vehicle I own. I’m kidding. The vehicle is possibly the best for mileage.
  • Westfield gift card. Was a birthday gift from my team last year. I still have a little bit of balance left
  • Country Road & Trenery loyalty card

Third row, top to bottom:

  • Priority Pass – gives me access to quite a few priority lounges in airports all over the world
  • HCF private insurance card
  • Oscar Oscar salon privilege card – gives me some nice discounts when I visit the hair magicians – Jacky & Nathan
  • Driver License. Oh the horror of trying to obtain a Victorian license.  Rumour has it Victoria has the strictest road laws in the country. Just my luck, eh?
  • City council library card. Until they’ve figured out loaning e-books, I’m going to stick to errr, not going😀
  • Ikea family card for free coffee. Don’t. Just. Don’t.
  • SIA Krisflyer card
  • Myer One loyalty card
  • 2x name cards from work for networking events. 6  years working here, I’d finally succumbed to the pressure of getting these dastardly items printed. And you know what? They got the address wrong. *facepalm*
  • T2 loyalty card.

Final row, top to bottom:

  • Panty liners. Yes. They’re in my purse – tucked away in a clean corner
  • Armani fragrance card
  • KFC wet wipes to wipe away lipstick swatches when going on swatch-frenzy at cosmetic counters
  • Stamp booklet that was released by Australia Post many years ago. It was the working dog series and I’ve just bought it without any intention of ever using them. Dogs. They’re the best. Evar.

Right, so, off you go now. Shoo. Hop and scoot over to Xin’s to stick beak into her purse! Shoo!

4 thoughts on “What’s in my purse?

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  2. As Tim would call it, Geez Papa Cheese! That’s a lot of cards. Then again, I’m not one to talk since I carry that many as well.😛
    Btw, you don’t have to carry the Oscar Oscar card. Your details are already on file, there’s no need to bring that with you. I haven’t brought mine ever since I was there the first time two years ago!

  3. holy moly! that’s quite many cards there :p each time when I thought of clearing my wallet of the cards, but I am worried that I am missing out some loyalty points when i need the cards >< my wallet is going to explode!

  4. Woman, you carry about as much in your wallet as you do in your bag. That’s scary! I used to carry a lot of loyalty cards around but recently I haven’t been as loyal to anything as I should be so it’s mostly just credit cards and essential cards for now😀

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