Styling the Popbasic Ashbury: From Day to Night

Some might say I’m the UX Evangelist. Some might even call me an Agile addict. There’s a little bit of truth in both statements. I’m extremely passionate about both subjects. I live, breathe and dream UX, usability, agile and intranets. I’m extremely fortunate that I’m paid to do something I’m so passionate about. I also believe UX is a calling.

But, this post is not about my nerdy passions. It’s about how I can inject a little bit of my other passions namely fashion, into work.

So, a little about my daily work life. I’m usually at my desk by 745am. It’s the quiet moments in the mornings that allow me to catch up on reading, planning and strategizing – big and small plans. I call those my plotting moments. Plotting for the evil, plotting for the good – simply plotting. At about 930am when the rest of the motley crew turns up, armed with a coffee, we head to the Agile wall for a 10-min catchup. We shuffle cards along, we bring up issues and roadblocks and we pick up cards we can work on for the day. By lunch, we should be able to provide some updates on our cards. Not necessarily a catchup but more on scribbled notes on the cards – shuffling them along if necessary.

Throughout the day, I make multiple trips back to the wall. Sometimes to help me plan my time better. Others to see if anyone needs my help should I have some free time. That’s the beauty of an Agile-run project.

So, despite my work, I’m on my feet quite a fair bit. The 10-minute catchup is done standing up – deliberately to ensure it’s uncomfortable enough we get rid of mindless small talk and get the meeting out of the way in 10minutes. I always try and wear my comfortable shoes to work for these reasons.

And that really is the basis of this styling. The central piece to this (besides the Ashbury piece) is really a comfortable pair of shoes. I picked my most favourite pair of nude heels that are leg-lengthening and part of the 24:7 collection from Jimmy Choo – the Agnes. Its comfortable 3.5-inch heel makes it easy to trot about at work as well. ashbury 2


I picked the blueberry silk blouse from the Sunday collection as a top. Not only is it the most perfect piece to complement the dark colours in this styling, it’s smart enough to go from day to night. The Ashbury leather skirt adds a bit of an interesting twist because hey, says who leather is only meant for Fridays? For accessories, I picked the red Rubi necklace worn over the shirt for a pop of colour. The red contrasts the blueberry nicely without being too out-there for a work outfit. And, finally I pulled out the Yves Saint Laurent ChYc clutch.

Not many accessories have been added to this outfit because basically anything goes. I’m thinking my pink Arty ring to go with the colour palette as well.

The little pieces of accessories make this outfit fun enough to head straight out for drinks and dinner with the girls. To amp things up a little, I could always swap my signature pearl studs to a pair of chandelier earrings. Those never fail to glam it up for an evening out.

Food for thought: Black woollen tights with nude pumps in winter: fashion forward or fashion faux pas?

One thought on “Styling the Popbasic Ashbury: From Day to Night

  1. Nice styling! Blue and black, so chic.
    To me, black tights with light coloured shoes is always a no no. Cuts the length of the legs methinks.

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